As Christ-followers, we are called to be people of continual prayer. But prayer is so much more than an act of obedience. It is being invited into a two-way relationship with the Father, the Creator of the entire universe, who longs to interact with you and to hear your heart.

Prayer has been an increasingly vital aspect of Tisdale Alliance Church. We set out multiple periods of time for corporate prayer (listed below), but also want to encourage all of our congregants to live prayer-saturated lives. Prayer is a corporate action, but as Jesus demonstrated often in His time on Earth, prayer is also to be done in the quiet and solitude of isolation. It is through prayer that we look to the Lord and seek His face.

Corporate prayer times during the week are called “Soul Prayer” meetings. They occur on Sundays at 7pm and Wednesday mornings at 6:45am.

If you are in need of prayer or have a prayer request that you would like shared with the church, please contact the church office at