If you’re new to the idea of the Alpha course, you’re probably wondering, what is Alpha? The Alpha Course is designed to open safe spaces for meaningful dialogue about faith, and especially the Christian faith. There’s only so much you can understand about Christianity from Wikipedia, but having intentional conversations with believers provides you with that sort of insight. 

When you come to Alpha you’ll be greeted by people like you who want to go deeper in understanding the way things are. We’ll have a home-cooked meal, watch a video that centers around questions like “Is there more to life than this?” “Who is Jesus?” or “How can I resist evil?” After the video we’ll have a chance to talk with those at our tables about the video in a safe, non-judgemental space where you can say anything you want to (and we really do mean anything) or simply listen and say nothing at all. And there’s no pressure to come back. And it’s all completely free!

Are you looking for more in life? Are you looking for something new? Are you looking for a new beginning? Try Alpha!

Alpha will take place at Tisdale Alliance Church from 6-8PM on Wednesday evenings starting on April 10th and going into June. Food & Childcare will be provided for absolutely free!