Guess what church? As of Sunday, July 11th, COVID restrictions no longer impact church operation! No masks, no distancing, etc. We’re incredibly delighted about this good news. If by chance you still feel the need to wear a mask or keep distanced from others, we fully support you and will do our best to respect your choice. If there is anything we can do to increase your comfortability with attending church, don’t hesitate to contact us!  
Thank you for your flexibility and patience over the past 16 months.

We are a group of diverse individuals who strive to ABIDE IN CHRIST and as a result, REVEAL HIS LIFE to the world around us.

At Tisdale Alliance Church, we will be:


Join us for a weekend service in a casual atmosphere. Praise the Lord with contemporary worship songs and dive into the Word of God as we unpack its timeless relevance to our lives. We are excited for what the Holy Spirit is doing here in Tisdale and we believe this is only the beginning!
Everyone is welcome!