We are back to meeting in person again! We look forward to joining with you in worship while keeping to the restrictions and regulations set out by the provincial government.  Please read through the following instructions so you are prepared to meet the requirements laid out for us.

  • If you are sick we ask that you do not attend at this time.
  • No physical contact is allowed, and 2 meters of spacing must be kept between people who are not of the same household (people living in the same house). 
  • Please do not arrive at the last minute as it will take time to get everyone seated keeping to 2 meter social distancing regulations (even in the parking lot).
  • The government requires that everyone wear a mask while singing.  We encourage everyone to wear a mask during the music portion of our service, whether or not they sing, so that nobody is singled out by this. Masks are not required during the rest of the service.  Please bring your own mask if you have one, but we will have some on hand for those who do not yet have one.
  • Please move directly to your seat as directed by ushers and remain at your seat throughout the service.
  • Please keep your coats and personal items with you.
  • Exit only as directed by ushers and keep 2 meters separation at all times.
  • There will be no access to the nursery or any of the smaller rooms at this time as social distancing is not possible in such confined spaces.
  • Only those from the same household can sit together.  There must be 2 meters of separation between people of different households.  Seating will be arranged to accommodate this.
  • No food or beverage can be served
  • Only 1 person in the washroom at a time (unless it is a child accompanied by a parent)  Sanitizing wipes will be available for you to wipe any surfaces you come in contact with.

As of August 16th, we will begin livestreaming our services using Facebook Live. This livestream can be found on our church facebook page, ‘Tisdale Alliance Church’, or for those without Facebook it will be available in this website under the ‘Livestream & Facebook’ tab (this may not appear immediately at 10:30 due to technological delays). In the days following the service, it will also be located under the ‘Past Sermons’ tab. Please bear with us as we try to find the best setup for this.

We are a group of diverse individuals who in our knowledge of the love, grace and redemption of God as evidenced through Jesus Christ, strive to be a genuine reflection of Jesus by the Holy Spirit.

In that hope and through prayer we seek the healing, anointing and direction of the Spirit as we establish, restore and strengthen relationships by God’s Word; worshipping with all and by all to the glory of God.


Join us for a weekend service in a casual atmosphere. Praise the Lord with contemporary worship songs and dive into the Word of God as we unpack its timeless relevance to our lives. We are excited for what the Holy Spirit is doing here in Tisdale and we believe this is only the beginning!
Everyone is welcome!